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Claverack Candidates Meet With Lt. Governor Hochul At Chatham Brewery Reception

Columbia County Democrats sponsored a reception for Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul at Chatham Brewing Tuesday, July 27, and many of our Claverack Democrats were out in force, including Town Clerk Candidate Nat Drake and Town Board Candidate Brenda Shufelt. Lt. Gov. Hochul spent time speaking with each of the Columbia County Democratic candidates for office that were present and offered advice and the inspiration of her own entry into politics. In her speech to the assembled, she spoke about the important mission local elected officials have to make the lives of everyone in their towns better off and to respond to all constituents' needs. She stated that political division in our country is nothing new and that it is important as a candidate and elected official to show the values that transcend parties. As the daughter of a steel worker in Buffalo, living in a trailer park, the values of the Democratic Party have aligned with her values. Her speech emphasized those values of taking care of those in need and looking out for each other, and bringing people together. Also attending, among others, were Asssemblymember Didi Barrett, candidate for County Sheriff Don Krapf, Undersheriff Candidate Jackie Salvatore, and candidate for Supreme Court David Gandin.

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