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Claverack Dem candidates have right skills

To the Editor:

Elected members of the Claverack Town Board manage the governmental responsibilities of our town, representing the interests of all our residents. Town council members should not only represent us but should also reflect our diversity. Claverack Census data shows we are white, black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American. The Board of Elections data shows more women than men are registered voters in Claverack.

I am excited that two dynamic women, committed to public service, are running for Claverack Town Board on the Democratic slate. Tracy Hennige, a NYS Department of Health lawyer with years of experience in project management, understands how to find solutions to complex problems that that are fiscally responsible. Tracy believes in doing the work to protect our economy, environment, and quality of life for generations to come.

Selha Graham, a small business owner, Hudson City School District board member, and co-founder of Rolling Grocer 19, is committed to thoughtful change that positively impacts the community to improve the lives of everyone. A naturalized citizen from Jamaica, Selha believes public service is a call to action to protect our democracy.

Should the two Republican candidates prevail, our Town Board will have five white males and an appointed zoning board of five white males. I am voting for Selha and Tracy because they will tackle our pressing town issues of workforce housing, infrastructure, economic development and climate adaptation. They have the vision, values, skills and work ethic to represent us extraordinarily well and to reflect the diversity of our community.

Barbara Ullman


©The Columbia Paper, October 5, 2023

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