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Claverack Democrats Host Candidates At Their July Monthly Potluck Brunch

Our Potluck Brunches are back! Nearly 60 Dems came out to hear our Democratic Candidates for the NY State Supreme Court Third Judicial District David Gandin and Kevin Bryant talk about their judicial experience and how the State Supreme Court works. Both will make excellent jurists and deserve our votes to fill the two vacant seats in November. Also at this brunch, Candidates Don Krapf for Sheriff and Incumbent Candidate Judge Richard Koweek, currently serving Columbia County as Multi Bench Judge encompassing the Supreme, County, Family, and Surrogate Courts in Columbia County, gave the Dems an update on their campaigns. Judge Koweek is well regarded and recognized for his compassion and fairness. Both candidates were hosted by the Claverack Dems for a meet/greet while our brunches were still virtual due to COVID. Electing Don Krapf, a 23 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department who has seen all the missed opportunities in the Sheriff’s Department under the current three-term Sheriff David Bartlett, is committed to changing the office to meet the moment, and become more connected to the community it serves. Claverack Dems have endorsed both Don Krapf and Judge Koweek and they too deserve our votes.

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