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Claverack town elections 2023

To the editor:

Recently, we've seen campaign signs for town board candidates in Claverack with the slogan, "Experience Matters." Ironically, the slogan is used by one particular town board member who has made missing meetings a most notable feature of his tenure in office. George Duntz has missed over a quarter (27%) of all the meetings of the town board in 2022 and 2023. (Data from the Town website under "Town Board Minutes.")

To be fair, George Duntz is a capable individual who does an outstanding job in his community commitments with youth sports.

Nevertheless, no matter how much experience you claim to have, you have to show up. Absentee board members are not accountable to the electorate and reflect a lack of respect for the offices they hold. This is not a partisan issue. Town board members Katy Cashen and Steven Hook have almost never missed a meeting. They understand the job of a board member is service to their community.

Claverack has the opportunity to elect two excellent new board members, Tracy Hennige and Selha Graham, who not only have demonstrated their commitment to service, but who will bring a new level of professionalism to town government. We need leaders who are willing to show up and do the work their constituents deserve.

I urge all Claverack voters to choose Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige on Nov. 7. With Katy Cashen leaving the board, Steve Hook will appreciate having capable board members to work with.

Gary Davis


© Register-Star, October 4, 2023

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