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Community Leaders and Colleagues Endorse Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige

Community Leaders and Colleagues Endorse Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige for

Claverack Town Board Seats

Claverack, NY: Candidates Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige continue to rack up support from community leaders and colleagues for their campaign for Claverack Town Board. Their commitment to work and community, breadth of real-world experience, and message of transparency and equity, has impressed many and resonated with voters.

Elena Mosley, Executive Director of Operation Unite NY and Claverack resident, said, “Selha Graham is knowledgeable, passionate, focused, resourceful, and energetic. Selha is what Claverack needs to make informed decisions representing all residents, and that’s why I am endorsing her for Claverack Town Board.” In speaking of Graham, Rachel Schneider, Director of Rolling Grocer 19, said, “I cannot think of a person better suited than Selha, both professionally and as a strong, impassioned individual, to represent the residents of Claverack in a fair and just way and to help improve the lives of her constituents.” Also proud to support Graham is Nea Mckinney, owner of Natural 7 Alchemy, stating, “Selha is very mindful of the community and the needs of all. I know she will do a great job for the Town of Claverack.” In describing her work with Graham on the Hudson City School Board, Willette Jones, Hudson Jr./Sr. High School Community Schools Coordinator, said Graham “brings her passion and commitment to education for the students in the district. Ms. Graham is a valuable asset as she is well-informed about the policies and procedures. I believe that Ms. Graham is a great person to serve alongside, and I am confident that she will prosper in anything she puts her mind to.” “Tracy Hennige is a hard-working, independent woman with a desire to do what is best for her community and its residents,” said Deborah Olin, Esq. “Practical and driven, Tracy is willing to put in the time to understand the challenges facing Claverack and is committed to building consensus and resolving real problems. Tracy’s attachment to the community is reflected in her strong desire to be involved and shape not just present-day issues facing Claverack but also to steer Claverack toward a successful future. I endorse Tracy for Claverack Town Board.” Mary Frances Sabo, a colleague and friend of Hennige’s, said, “I have known Tracy for over ten years both professionally as an attorney for the state of New York and as a good friend. She is an extremely hard worker who is resourceful and courageous. Tracy volunteers actively in her community as well. I am proud to endorse Tracy for the Claverack Town Board. In describing Hennige, Rick Werwaiss, Town of Chatham Board Member, said, “I hope the residents of Claverack will vote for Tracy Hennige. With her legal background and experience in state agencies, she is familiar with how to get things done in government. Tracy’s skills, abilities, and experience will serve Claverack well.”

Eleanor’s Legacy, a statewide organization that recruits and trains pro-choice Democratic women to run for office across New York State, also endorsed Hennige. “We at Eleanor's Legacy are proud to endorse Tracy Hennige for Claverack Town Board.” The group’s criteria for endorsement require an uncompromising pro-choice stance and a commitment to upholding Democratic values for New Yorkers. “We are proud to continue endorsing candidates who we believe have the skills to win and the courage to fight for New York women,” said Joanne Yepsen, Acting Executive Director of Eleanor’s Legacy at the time endorsements were announced. Receiving endorsements from my community and coworkers is an honor,” said Graham. “We need thoughtful, impactful leadership. I want to collaborate with my neighbors to make Claverack the best it can be. Seeking common sense solutions to the challenges we all face will be a top priority for me. I hope we can spark change and positively impact our community.” “To have the support of colleagues, community leaders, and Eleanor’s Legacy is humbling,” said Hennige. “We have to conserve the rural character of Claverack while also looking to the future. I value transparency and believe that Town Board members should work collaboratively to solve problems, regardless of political affiliation. I’m seeking this position because I believe in the work.”

Sam Hodge, Columbia County Democratic Committee Chair and Claverack resident said, “Claverack has a real opportunity to elect new, ambitious leaders that want to make Claverack work better. I am excited to see Selha andTracy be elected this November; they each bring a breadth of experience and something unique to the table. They have the ideas and energy to make our town better.” Graham, a local entrepreneur specializing in developing businesses with a community need, co- founded Rolling Grocer 19, a community-driven response to the immediate challenges of food and economic insecurity. Selha was also appointed to the City of Hudson Tourism Board and is an elected member of the Hudson City School District Board. Hennige is an Associate Attorney at the New York State Department of Health with experience in overseeing complex litigation, contract negotiation, and policy development. Tracy will also bring eight years of business experience in project management and budget oversight to the Town Board. A lover of animals, Tracy has volunteered as a foster Mom for Peppertree Rescue, opening her home to dogs searching for their forever homes. Hennige has also worked as a Senior Insurance Policy Examiner in the NYS Department of Financial Services and for the NYS Legislative Bill Drafting Commission. She graduated from New York University and Albany Law School and was admitted to the NYS Bar in 2010. She is a lifelong resident of New York State and of Claverack since 2018.

Graham also runs Graham and Associates Tax Services and is a WGXC Thursday Afternoon Radio Programmer. She is a Columbia Greene Community College graduate, a 29-year resident of Columbia County and of Claverack since 2006.

Graham and Hennige previously received endorsements from Assemblymember Didi Barrett (AD106), Board of Supervisors Minority Leader Tistrya Houghtling (New Lebanon), and Councilmember Katy Cashen (Claverack).

Hennige and Graham area dynamic duo that will utilize their expertise to make Claverack a better, more affordable place to live.

For more information about the candidates, please visit .

Claverack Democratic Committee

Claverack Democrats are committed to putting our core democratic values to work on a grassroots level. Our strength comes from our beliefs of honoring inclusion and diversity; respect for liberty, equality, and justice; and improving the quality of life for all in our Town of Claverack and Village of Philmont community.

L-R: Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige, Candidates for Claverack Town Council.

Photo credit: Marcy Feld Photography.


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