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With a Republican majority on the County Board of Supervisors, the Columbia County Republican Party went MAGA supporting a politically divisive resolution against the recent gun legislation passed by the Democratic majority State legislature after the partisan Supreme Court struck down our 100-year-old common sense concealed carry permitting law.

The Board of Supervisors bypassed all the standard procedural norms to pass the resolution without committee input or public comments. Read CCDC Chair Sam Hodge’s Press Release (here) for the full story.

The New York Gun Safety Law that took effect September 1st is meant to make our community safer by requiring gun owners to be a minimum of 21 years old to lawfully acquire a semi-automatic rifle, take firearm safety and live firing training, submit to an in-person interview and social media review, stronger background checks and to renew or recertify their permits every 3 years. The new law prohibits concealed carry permit holders from bringing their firearms into sensitive locations, including Times Square, bars, libraries, schools, government buildings and hospitals.

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