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Elected Leaders Endorse Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige for Claverack Town Council

Claverack, NY: Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige, two women with a shared commitment to public service and diverse skill sets, are proud to announce that their campaign for Claverack Town Council is gaining steam, and they have received numerous endorsements. Their belief that government should work to improve the affordability of the area and the quality of life of its residents is resonating with elected officials and voters. Among the elected officials that have endorsed Graham and Hennige are Assemblymember Didi Barrett (AD106), Board of Supervisors Minority Leader Tistrya Houghtling (New Lebanon), and Councilmember Katy Cashen (Claverack). Cashen, who is not seeking re-election after serving 12 years on the Claverack Town Board, said, “Selha Graham will bring a small business and entrepreneurial perspective that is needed on the Town Board. She has a wide range of experience in launching successful initiatives that address real-life needs of our residents, which is what being a Town Board member is all about. It is my honor to endorse Selha Graham for Town Board.” “I am also proud to endorse Tracy Hennige for Town Board,” added Cashen. “Tracy’s legal background in the public sector and project management experience will bring a key set of skills on the Town Board that will be very helpful on the big projects such as a new Town Hall and Court as well as updates to our zoning code that are necessary to deal with the unprecedented changes we are facing in our local economy.” Barrett, who is also a Claverack resident, stated, “I am thrilled to endorse Selha Graham for Claverack Town Board. Selha is a dedicated public servant in our community, serving on the Hudson City School Board and founding the Rolling Grocer 19 to help feed more of our neighbors. She brings fresh vision and creative energy that will be a welcome asset to the Claverack Town Board.” In speaking about Hennige, Barrett said, “Iam delighted to endorse Tracy Hennige for Claverack Town Board. Tracy’s legal background, diverse professional experience, and interest in economic development opportunities for the town will make her a strong and exciting addition to the Claverack Town Board.” “I am grateful to receive the support of my elected officials,” stated Graham. “Good public service should bring people together to spark thoughtful change that will impact the community positively. I am excited to learn from the community in a collaborative way to find solutions to the challenges we all face.” “Receiving endorsements from my elected officials is an honor,” said Hennige. “Solving real problems for people requires transparent government and mutual respect for constituents and elected officials, regardless of political affiliation or labels. I value open dialogue with the community and am committed to conserving the rural nature of Claverack while supporting responsible fiscal growth.” “Claverack Town Board candidates Tracy Hennige and Selha Graham are dynamic women with a demonstrated commitment to public service in their personal and professional lives,” said Houghtling. “Tracy will bring her skills as a lawyer for NY State and her knowledge of government to seek solutions to complex issues in Claverack.As a small business owner focused on community needs, Selha understands that business development and economic growth in Claverack will not happen unless solutions to the critical shortage of workforce housing are found. I am excited to endorse both Tracy Hennige and Selha Graham, knowing that they will bring their energy and expertise to benefit the residents of Claverack.” Graham, a local entrepreneur specializing in developing businesses with a community need, co- founded Rolling Grocer 19, a community-driven responseto the immediate challenges of food and economic insecurity. Selha was also appointed to the City of Hudson Tourism Board and is an elected member of the Hudson City School District Board. Hennige is an Associate Attorney at the New York State Department of Health with experience in the oversight of complex litigation, contract negotiation, and policy development. Tracy will also bring eight years of business experience in project management and budget oversight to the Town Board. A lover of animals, Tracy has volunteered as a foster Mom for Peppertree Rescue, opening her home to dogs searching for their forever homes. Hennige has also worked asa Senior Insurance Policy Examiner in the NYS Department of Financial Services and for the NYS Legislative Bill Drafting Commission. She is a graduate of New York University and Albany Law School and was admitted to the NYS Bar in 2010. She is a lifelong resident of New York State and of Claverack since 2018. Graham also runs Graham and Associates Tax Services and is a WGXC Thursday Afternoon Radio Programmer. She is a graduate of Columbia Greene Community College, a 29-year resident of Columbia County and of Claverack since 2006. Hennige and Graham are a dynamic duo that will utilize their expertise to make Claverack a better, more affordable place to live. For more information about the candidates, please visit Claverack Democratic Committee Claverack Democrats are committed to putting our core democratic values to work on a grassroots level. Our strength comes from our beliefs of honoring inclusion and diversity; respect for liberty, equality, and justice; and improving the quality of life for all in our Town of

Claverack and Village of Philmont community.

L-R: Selha Graham, Assemblymember Didi Barrett, and Tracy Hennige

L-R: Tracy Hennige and Councilmember Katy Cashen

L-R: Selha Graham and Councilmember Katy Cashen

Photos: Marcy Feld Photography

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