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Get Out The Vote - Canvassing, Knock on Doors With Us

Winning in November is up to all of us. There is no sitting out this election if we expect to protect our democracy, a woman’s right to choose, and keep pushing forward on gun reform. Of course, we WANT every Democrat to vote, but it takes effort to make sure voters SHOW UP TO VOTE. Here are the ways you can help:

Knock on Doors – door knocker and a driver go to voters’ homes in Claverack. We provide the script, voter list, a map and candidate campaign materials. Use the easy and secure minivan app on your phone or paper lists.

Email to volunteer:

Upcoming Canvassing Dates:

  • Monday, October 10 (Columbus Day) – 10am to Noon

  • Monday, October 10 (Columbus Day) – 2pm to 4 pm

  • Saturday, October 22 – 10 am to Noon

  • Saturday, October 22 – 2pm-4 pm

  • Sunday, October 23 – 10 am to Noon

  • Sunday, October 23 – 2pm -4pm

  • Saturday, November 5 -3 pm-5pm

  • Sunday, November 6 - 3pm -5 pm

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