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Graham and Hennige will move Claverack forward

To the editor:

I’ve been involved in Claverack town business for over 3 years on a committee and through attending town meetings and I can tell you when Board Member Katy Cashen leaves the board at the end of 2023 she will be sorely missed. As is clear from board member reports, Stephen Hook (Hooky) and Katy do the majority of the day-to-day work, Supervisor Weigelt (Kippy) deals with county business and leads the board but, honestly, the other two board members engage minimally. In fact, George Duntz misses over a quarter of meetings. Katy, Kippy and Hooky work well together and Katy provides an alternate perspective from their “old boys’ network” way of doing things. She writes grants, meets with and calms constituents who don’t feel comfortable meeting with “the guys” and deals with much administrative business that’s not in their wheelhouse. That is why we NEED Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige on the board. With their experience in the nonprofit and legal worlds and their willingness and capacity to work hard for our town, they will help to fill the essential roles that Katy Cashen took on. Kippy and Hooky worked well with Katy and have told me how much they respect her. Both Selha and Tracy have important qualities that Katy has: they are friendly and there to do the work. They are not interested in partisanship, offer another perspective and are comfortable with people from all walks of life. They will DO THE WORK and move Claverack forward.



© Register-Star, October 25, 2023


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