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Graham has skills Claverack Board needs

To the Editor:

Selha Graham is running for Claverack Town Board because she believes that good public service brings people together to spark thoughtful change that will have a positive impact on the community and the lives of all people. Selha was appointed to the Hudson City Tourism Board in 2020 and elected to the Hudson City School District School Board in 2021. As a small business owner, Selha has always focused on starting businesses that serve community needs. In 2017 she co-founded Rolling Grocer 19, a non-profit year-round grocery store using a tiered fair pricing system, providing healthy locally sourced food to all, regardless of income level.

Selha believes our town government should be applying for state and federal grants to reduce the burden on taxpayers for infrastructure projects, a new town hall, housing options for younger workers to live in Claverack, and for seniors to stay in our community.

Without housing, our economy cannot grow. When elected, she Will help Claverack create a Tourism and Business Development Committee for new and existing businesses to keep revenue in our community. As a naturalized citizen from Jamaica, Selha has lived in Columbia County for her entire adult life, and has been a Claverack resident for 17 years. Selha is guided by her belief that public service is a call to action for every American to participate in protecting our democracy. I am voting for Selha Graham because she has the vision, values and work ethic that our town needs.

Helen Freedman,


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