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Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige — Hard Working, Community Minded Candidates for Claverack Town Board

CLAVERACK, NY: On June 11, the Claverack Democratic Caucus unanimously chose Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige as their candidates to run for Town Board on the November 2023 ballot. On May 25, the Claverack Democrats unanimously endorsed Chris Liberati-Conant for Columbia County District Attorney.

“The Claverack Democratic Committee is excited to have Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige as candidates in the upcoming election for Claverack Town Board,” said Stephanie Sussman, Chair of the Claverack Democrats. “Both have a record of commitment to public service and are ready to work hard on behalf of everyone who calls Claverack their home.”

Selha Graham is a local entrepreneur specializing in developing businesses with a community need. In 2017, she co-founded Rolling Grocer 19, a community-driven response to the immediate challenges of food and economic insecurity that exists in Columbia County. Selha was also appointed to the City of Hudson Tourism Board and is an elected member of the Hudson City School District Board.

“Receiving the Claverack Democratic nomination for Town Councilmember is an honor. I believe in community, service, and a better Claverack for everyone. My focus as an elected official will be to enact common sense goals that make Claverack a better place to live, work, and play,” stated Graham.

Tracy Hennige is an Associate Attorney at the New York State Department of Health with experience in the oversight of complex litigation, contract negotiation, and policy development. Tracy will also bring eight years of business experience in project management and budget oversight to the Town Board. A lover of animals, Tracy has volunteered as a foster Mom for Peppertree Rescue, opening her home to dogs searching for their forever homes.

“I am honored to accept the nomination by the Claverack Democrats for Town Councilmember,” said Hennige. “There are many issues facing Claverack residents. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves, getting to work, and delivering solutions for the people of Claverack.”

“Claverack has a real opportunity to elect new, ambitious leaders that want to make Claverack work better,” said Sam Hodge, Chair of the Columbia County Democratic Committee and resident of Claverack. “I am excited to see Selha and Tracy be elected this November, they each bring a breadth of experience and something unique to the table.”

Chris Liberati-Conant has more than a decade of broad legal experience as a trial and appellate lawyer and public defender. Most recently, Chris served in the office of the New York State Attorney General in the Litigation Bureau and in Appeals and Opinions. He has also clerked for New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, and for a New York State Supreme Court Acting Justice, as well as served as a public defender with Mental Health Hygiene Legal Service. An independent-minded Democrat, Liberati-Conant shares the mainstream values of Columbia County families and is active in the community, volunteering for his local fire department.

Liberati-Conant stated, “I am honored to be endorsed by the Claverack Democrats. Their organization, outreach, and civic engagement are second to none. I look forward to working with them to achieving a victory in November that will bring fairness, justice, and safety to all of the people in this County.”

Sussman added, “Chris will bring much needed integrity and fairness to the District Attorney’s office. We are excited about the vision Chris has to revamp the DA’s office, including creating specialized bureaus, and providing and encouraging treatment instead of incarceration for the opioid and mental health crises.”

Claverack Democratic Committee

The Claverack Democratic Committee is committed to putting our core democratic values to work on a grassroots level. Our strength comes from our beliefs of honoring inclusion and diversity; respect for liberty, equality, and justice; and improving the quality of life for all in our community.

Tracy Hennige & Selha Graham - Candidates for Claverack Town Board

Chris Liberati-Conant – Candidate for Columbia County District Attorney

Photos: Marcy Feld Photography

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