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Support for Graham and Hennige in Claverack

To the editor:

Compromise. It's become a dirty word recently and that's a shame because there would be no U.S. Constitution, no United States of America, without it. Here's what Indiana University's Center for Representative Government has to say about it:

"Pretty much every sentence in our Constitution was the product of compromise, crafted by people who felt passionately about the issues they confronted yet found a way to agree on language that would enable the country to function... When pushed, most politicians understand that cooperation and working together to build consensus have to prevail in the end."

This year, the Claverack Town Board election is especially important. Katy Cashen, the sole Democrat on our Town Board, is retiring after serving 12 years. Her fellow Board members, all Republicans, know how hard she has worked to get things done for our town. It's not only good to have representatives with differing points of view on the Board, it's essential. And that's why I'm encouraging voters to select Selha Graham and Tracy Hennige, two extremely qualified candidates.

Electing an all-male, all-Republican Town Board will push Claverack back into the past rather than leading it into the future. The "old ways" have value and merit, but "new ideas" lead to progress and prosperity for everyone. Let's make sure all voices in Claverack get a chance to be heard by electing Selha and Tracy.

Rebecca Stowe


© Register-Star, October 12, 2023

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