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It's Never Too Early to Make Your Voting Plan!

General Election Nov 2023

Register to vote here

Absentee Voting

In 2022 a law was enacted by the State of New York that is a major change for voters who may want to vote by absentee ballot.

A voter who has been issued* an absentee ballot MAY NOT CAST A BALLOT ON THE VOTING MACHINE, either at Early Voting or on Election Day. This is the case regardless of whether the voter actually returns the absentee ballot. It is the ISSUING of the absentee ballot that triggers this restriction, not the return of the absentee ballot itself.


A voter who has been issued an absentee ballot IS permitted to vote by AFFIDAVIT ballot at Early Voting or on Election Day.

The voter’s affidavit ballot will be counted if the Board of Elections has not received an absentee ballot from the voter and the voter is otherwise qualified. If, at the time the Board reviews affidavit ballots, the Board of Elections has received both an affidavit ballot and an absentee ballot from the voter, the absentee ballot will be counted and the affidavit ballot will not be. Once an absentee ballot is issued to you, you may not cast your ballot on the voting machine.


Apply for an Absentee Ballot here.

General Voter Information

Voting in the Town of Claverack and the Village of Philmont is governed by the Columbia County Board of Elections (BOE). We have included information and links below about verifying your voter registration status, registering to vote, making changes in your registration and voting by absentee. If you have any additional questions, please contact the BOE directly.


Voter Registration Search


Find out if you are registered, and where your local polling site is located.

Register to Vote in Columbia County


Voter qualifications, how and where to register to vote, fillable voter registration forms in English and Spanish. Signatures must be signed in ink for your application to be valid. Use the voter registration form to make these changes in registration:

  • Change of name

  • Change of address

  • Change of mailing address

  • Change of party

  • Change of contact information

  • Change of county where you live


Register to Vote Where It Really Counts

If you are a dual resident, we urge you to vote in Columbia County where elections are often decided by a handful of votes. Your vote in Columbia County makes a difference!

  • If you have more than one residence, you are entitled to choose one of them as your residence for voting purposes.

  • You have the right to choose which residence you register and vote from, as long as you have a legitimate, significant and continuing attachment to it.

  • There is no requirement that one’s driver license, insurance or any other specific document reflect the residence from which a person is registered to vote. Being able to show some indicia of residence is important in the event the registration is challenged.


Didn't Find What You Need or Have a Question? 

e-Mail or call the Columbia County Board of Elections

(518) 828-3115

Acting Democratic Commissioner: Mara H. Estribou

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